East Sussex Outpatient Services
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East Sussex Outpatient Services (ESOPS)

We have been providing Consultant Outpatient clinics since 2008. Since then we have helped over 40,000 patients.

All our patients are able to see an NHS Specialist in easily accessible and friendly community settings without having to go to Hospital.

We are accredited by the CQC and the CCGs for a range of elective surgical specialties. The NHS constitution gives every patient the right to choose their care provider if they need to see a Consultant.

Please ask your GP for a referral if you want one of our Consultants to look after you.

  • Consultant NHS Outpatient clinics
  • 10 years service experience
  • Over 40,000 patients seen to date
  • Wide range of clinical Services
  • Friendly community settings
  • Easy access
  • CQC registered
  • AQP accredited