East Sussex Outpatient Services
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Frequently asked questions

FAQ’s about your healthcare at ESOPS:

How can I get my healthcare at the ESOPS clinic?

To see one of our Specialists, you need to be referred by your GP, he may:

Give you a reference number and our telephone number so you can ring us in person to book an appointment
Send us the referral direct so we can book an appointment for you and take responsibility for your care.

Who will I see?

You will be seen by a senior clinician. All our Consultants and Specialists are registered with their respective professional bodies.

When will I be seen?

The ESOPS team aims to see you within six weeks of referral by your GP.

Where will I be seen?

Your ESOPS appointment will take place in our consulting rooms at either The Harbour Medical Centre, Eastbourne or The Anchor Health Centre, Peacehaven.

What will happen?

On seeing the specialist you will receive a detailed assessment. Any necessary investigations and treatment will be organised.

How long do further tests or treatment take?

Diagnostic investigations and treatments such as MRI, Ultrasound scans, physiotherapy etc are usually booked within 2-4 weeks

What if I need an operation or other hospital care?

Should your condition require hospital care, for example an operation, we will, where possible, refer you to the hospital of your choice. We work with Eastbourne DGH, Montefiore Hospital (Hove) and Spire Hospital (Hastings).

Do I need to pay?

No. You will be seen as an NHS patient and therefore we will not charge you for your assessment and treatment.