East Sussex Outpatient Services
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Values & Principles

Our valuesof respect, compassion, trust, integrity, efficiency and leadership are exemplified in our seven strategic principles:
1. Integration, Collaboration, Teamwork.
All components of ESOPS will act as one organization. We enhance our value through integration across our range of clinical services. Priority is given to activities that improve overall institutional performance through collaboration and teamwork.

2. Innovation, Adaptation and Prioritization.
We focus on innovative efforts that distinguish us clinically and scientifically from other health care providers. All services we offer are expected to be locally, regionally and nationally recognized for clinical care and service.

3. Growth and Investment.
We pursue broad-based growth in our range of clinical services, with larger growth in priority areas defined by strategy. Growth is facilitated by appropriate investments in human and physical resources.

4. Taking Care of Our Own.
We will take care of our own clinic, staff, patients and families, and community. This broad concept embraces having a healthy, safe and satisfied workforce, and a modern, high-quality and cost-effective health care delivery system.

5. Cultural Competency.
We value the diversity of people and ideas as a strategy to improve health and foster innovation.

6. High Value and Fiscal Soundness.
We deliver high value to patients, referring colleagues, staff, the local NHS, our local community and other stakeholders. Maintaining fiscal soundness provides the framework for continuous progress.

7. Integrity and Trust.
Our organization demonstrates integrity with all stakeholders, maintaining mutual trust. Dimensions of integrity include respect for each other and for patient confidentiality, avoidance and/or disclosure of conflict of interest, and compliance with all NHS England, NHS Improvement, local NHS and Care Quality Commission guidance and regulations.